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For Universities

Student excursions to strengthen practical education and cultural exchange

Are you a professor or lecturer? Would you like to give your students the opportunity to go on an excursion to Indonesia, experience different cultures and learn about the marine environment? We design excursion contents together with you and make sure that there is a high level of practical learning. Through our trusted and experienced dive center partners, you and your students will be in safe hands, also underwater.


Excursion A: Marine ecology and conservation

4 weeks

In our 4-weeks student excursion to the Banda Islands, you and your students will learn about the marine ecosystems that surround the archipelago. An emphasis is put on coral ecology and conservation. Participants can expect to significantly improve their diving skills. Just an entry-level dive course is required as we will focus on dive skills in the first week. Each participant will obtain the Ecodiver certificate awarded by the Organisation Reefcheck. Students will also get in touch with students from the local fisheries college and will learn about local culture first hand. This excursion is designed for Biology, Zoology and Marine Science students and has been accredited by the University Bochum, Germany.


Excursion B: Culture, history and marine environment of the Banda Islands

2 weeks

During the 2-weeks excursion, students will learn about the marine environment during an Ecodiver Course certified by Reefcheck and will study the world-changing history of the Banda Islands during land tours with local guides. This excursion is specifically interesting for Eco-Tourism students or students of related fields. It gives a great opportunity to get a holistic impression of land, culture, history and the marine environment.

Pantai Wali

An excursion to your needs?

1 - 4 weeks

Are you looking for a field trip with respect to a specific topic related to the marine environment? We are happy to work out a program together with you.

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