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Dive Banda

Become a Responsible Dive Center

You Can Make a Difference

Scuba Diver and Corals

Partner with us

Become a host for an Ecodiver or Marine Biology course to show your guests that you care about the environment that supports your living. This will give you a completely different image. Contact us to find out how it works.

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Train your staff

Would you like your dive staff to be more knowledgeable in marine biology and aware of the harms that a diver can have for the marine environment? We offer staff training to reduce your dive center's environmental impact.

Diving with Whaleshark

Be a messenger

Tell other dive centers about your experience with us and about how they can become more eco-friendly. Arrange a phone call with us to find out about how you and your friends can run their dive operation in a low-impact way.

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