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What are Marine Bioinvasions ?

Bioinvasions refers to the transport, establishment and spread of species from their native range to an area where they naturally don't occur. If the species spreads and impacts native communities negatively, it is called an invasive species. You may sometimes hear the terms "alien species", "non-indigenous species" , "non-native species" or even "invasive alien species". They do not all precisely mean the same. So what is what?

  • "Alien", "non-indigenous" or "non-native" species were introduced to a new (non-native) range but do not necessarily have a negative impact on the ecosystem or the native biota

  • "Invasive" or "invasive alien" species were introduced to a new (non-native) range and have a negative impact on the invaded ecosystem

Marine Bioinvasion Monitoring Indonesia

Become an observer at iNaturalist and help Indonesian researchers keep track of marine organisms in different regions


Supported by INVASIVESNET, we set up an umbrella project in iNaturalist to start monitoring the marine creatures that are often overlooked. We now need your help as divers and snorkelers and ask you to upload your underwater pictures to your iNaturalist profile. Please upload any pictures of sponges, sea squirts, bryozoans, mussels and clams, barnacles and algae. If your picture was taken in any of the regions in Indonesia that already participate, it will automatically be added to our umbrella project. If you often dive at a specific place and it is not a region under our umbrella project yet, please contact us about creating a new region. Do you want to see what has been recorded already? Take a look at our umbrella project.

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