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Bye Bye Banda

After three weeks, the students of the Ruhr University Bochum are now on their way back to Germany.

The participating group ranged from complete novices who, learned to dive at the Banda Islands, up to experienced divers, with well over 100 dives. In the end, everyone agreed: the last few weeks have been instructive and fascinating.

There is hardly any other place where ReefCheck practice and theory can be combined and applied as effectively as on the Banda Islands. With the professional guidance of Dr. Mareike Huhn the natural occurrences and biological expertise are excellently connected.

photo by Lilli


The underwater world with all its living beings is not as tangible for most people as the forest next door, but the importance for the earth is high. Two third of the oxygen in our atmosphere is produced by marine autotroph organisms. Coral reefs are the most efficient ecosystems in producing oxygen and binding carbon. They work about 100 times more efficiently than the open ocean. Conserving coral reefs is important to all of us, worldwide!

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