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Because we care about
the marine environment
and the future of our planet

Luminocean connects scuba divers, volunteers, gap years, and those fascinated by the ocean, with local people to support marine conservation efforts. Luminocean offers consulting services to dive centers that would like to become more environmentally responsible and to schools and universities to integrate a curriculum that emphasizes raising awareness for the marine environment.

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About Us

Luminocean is the branding for the combined work of the social enterprise PT Marina Citra Selaras and the foundation Yayasan Cahaya Samudera Indonesia. Both are registered in Indonesia. Joint cause is to build human capacity to protect Indonesia's valuable marine resources and with this contribute to the future of our blue planet. We can only live on this planet if we change our life style and become more aware of challenges we will face in the next decades.

Diver int he Reef

About Our Passion

We believe that people can live in harmony with nature, that they are aware of their impacts and their own ability to change to live a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life. Our aim is protecting the coastal and marine environment, as well as conserving biological diversity and mitigating the impacts of ocean threats. We do this through sharing knowledge to empower people to take charge of their own development and improve their lives by conserving nature.

What we do

We combine science with education, both for the larger goal of marine conservation. We educate about plastic waste, make people aware of urgent environmental issues that need action, provide guidance and funds to local students for their marine research projects and train divers in marine biology techniques. We work locally, and our highest priority is working in a way that local knowledge contributes to marine conservation, and state-of-the-art marine biology knowledge adds to local knowledge.
We offer teaching programs to the following audience:

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 International Students

Students from all over the world are welcome to take our classes or conduct an internship mentored by us to develop their practical skills in marine biology or related fields. As a student, you are also welcome to suggest your school to conduct excursions to any of the sites where we work together with our dive center partners.

Dive Banda

Scuba Divers & Travelers

You don't need a marine biology background to join us. As an enthusiastic diver or soon-to-be diver, you can participate in our courses and learn more about the underwater world and coral reefs. By taking a course you will have a positive impact on the environment and the education of local students.

mahasiswa belajar.jpg

Mahasiswa dari Indonesia

Mahasiswa dari Maluku atau Universitas Indonesia lain bisa kontak kami untuk mendapat mentoring dan sponsoring untuk penilitian S1 sama S2. Kami menfasilitasi training menyelam (lewati dive center partner kami) dan training metode penilitian mulai dari membuat proposal sampai menulis publikasi.

konsultasi penilitian.jpg

Universitas & Sekolah dari Indonesia

Kami menyediakan konsultasi kepada institusi pendidikan di Indonesia untuk memperkuat fokus penilitian dalam subyek konservasi. Kami juga menyediakan konsultasi kepada peniliti Indonesia untuk mempublikasikan dalam jurnal internasional.

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Universities Worldwide

We invite universities to contact us for information about cultural exchange and excursions during which students can learn about marine ecology and directly practically apply what they have learned. We have cooperated with the University Bochum, Germany, successfully in this matter since 2017.

Dive Spot

Dive Centers

We offer consulting services to dive centers from all over Indonesia to improve their environmental responsibility and reduce their negative impact on the marine environment. Joint Ecodiver courses for staff and guests can also be conducted. Please contact us or more information.


Ecodiver Course Testimonial 

Christine, France

“It was such an incredible experience. I love scuba diving but Luminocean's program brought me to a whole new level of experience. Will definitely recommend it to my friends.”

About the Luminocean Foundation

Yayasan Cahaya Samudera Indonesia is a foundation registered in Banda Naira, Indonesia. It was founded as the non-profit equivalent to Luminocean and is the literal translation of Luminocean in Indonesian. As the name says, the aim of Cahaya Samudera Indonesia is to bring brightness and light to the ocean and its future. This is done by facilitating environmental education for children and young adults living on remote islands in Indonesia. By educating about the impacts that human habits can have on the environment and by teaching about the alternatives every one of us can choose to lead a more environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, Cahaya Samudera Indonesia hopes to contribute to the conservation of sensitive ecosystems, such as coral reefs. Fulfillment of the aim is approached by teaching about waste reduction, -separation and -recycling, about the role that coral reefs play for the ecological balance in the ocean and for the provision of oxygen to our atmosphere, about the utilization of solar energy as alternative to diesel generators, about how and why to build waste water gardens, and much more. Cahaya Samudera Indonesia also aims at inspiring children and young adults to read books, open up their minds, think critically and understand that every single one of us can make a difference.


By supporting Yayasan Cahaya Samudera Indonesia you will give somebody a chance to decide her or his own future and the future of the environment where she or he grew up.

Our Partners

Bluemotion Logo

Dive Center at the Banda Islands

ReefCheck Indonesia Logo.jpg

Environmental organisation, Indonesia & worldwide


German association for environmental protection


Universitas Banda Naira

University of Banda Naira

Barefoot Logo

Cruise organiser, sponsor

ocean sun logo2.jpeg

Dive Resort, Tulamben Bali

ipb logo.png

Marine Biodiversity and Biosystematics Lab



Balai Kawasan Konservasi Perairan Nasional Kupang


Department of General Zoology and Neurobiology


Environmental organisation, Indonesia

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